Are Pole Hedge Trimmers Worth Buying?

One of the trendiest home and yard improvement tools on the market right now are pole hedge trimmers. Available in gas, electric and cordless models, pole hedge trimmers allow the owner to trim hard-to-reach bushes and branches without the manual labor of traditional hedge clippers and the danger of using ladders to reach branches that are too high to be trimmed just by reaching.

A hand saw can come in handy sometimes, but when you have tall branches, you need to have a pole saw.
A hand saw can come in handy sometimes, but when you have tall branches, you need to have a pole saw.

Are pole hedge trimmers worth the investment though? Typically these devices range from $100 to $500 in home improvement and hardware stores and online, which is roughly the combined cost of a manual hedge trimmer and a basic stepladder toward the lower end of that spectrum and encompasses a hedge trimmer, a more expensive ladder and an edge trimmer on the higher end. So is it worth it to buy the pole saw and potentially pay more out the door than you would by buying the more traditional tools a la carte? In our opinion, definitely yes.

I highly recommend investing in a good quality highly ranked electric pole saw and a nice long extension chord. These two items will provide years of low maintenance cutting power with enough juice to cut through really thick branches.

The two main reasons why pole hedge trimmers are worth the investment for homeowners that want to maintain their property are effectiveness and safety. As far as effectiveness is concerned, the extendable pole saw’s ability to reach high branches and bushes are something that a traditional hedge cutter can not duplicate. This can also apply to edging lawns and flower beds, as the length and versatility of the pole cutter does a better job without the operator having to physically contort his or her body. The trimmer’s length can also be beneficial on jobs that require regular reaching ability, as the operator can stand back and get a perspective on how to trim their hedges straight and even.

How Safe are Pole Shrub Pruners?

As far as safety, they are beneficial to this in two ways. First of all, eliminating the use of a ladder in home improvement work is huge for safety. Ladders can be unstable, especially when lurching to reach inconveniently situated thick limbs and long branches, and can open up the homeowner to serious injury from falling with tools.

Also, the need to contort your body to reach certain hedges and branches can cause shoulder and back injuries.  They eliminate the use of a ladder and limit the amount of unsafe movements that need to be done in order to cut down a tree limb the old fashioned way, which helps keep you safe while working around your yard. These trimmers are also pretty light (most are in the 10-20 pound range), so there’s very little risk of injury in that respect as well.

Pole saws can also be economical. While the out-the-door cost might be more, pole hedge trimmers come with multi-year warranties and are extremely durable. While your manual hedge clippers might dull easily and need to be replaced, along with your edger blades, a pole cutter gives optimum performance for years. A lot of people also like the pole saw head attachments with can be placed right on the end of your weed eater which are generally more affordable than buying a completely new saw.

Pole hedge trimmers are trending right now for a reason — they do the job efficiently and well. So if you get a chance, pick one up.

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