How to Build a Bounce House

Bounce houses are fun for children and adults. They have become the main attractions at festivals, carnivals and birthday parties. Bounce houses are very expensive to buy. They can be rented as well but with a hefty price tag. A person can now build their own bounce house with customized features and at a fraction of the price.

how to build a bounce house

How to Build a Bouncy Castle

To construct the bounce house a person is going to need either a piece of strong woven cloth or PVC tarpaulin material, a high powered air blower, and sewing supplies. A person draws out the design for the bounce house. This can include ladders, and other features. When designing the house be conscious of space and the amount of material that is going to be needed. Pay special attention to safety considerations. Also be sure to include a space for the air blower to make the jumper inflatable.

If this seems to be more work than you bargained for, you may want to buy a bouncer and be done with it! If you want to go that route, check out the best bouncy castles, reviewed by people who have actually tried them out.

Once the design is completed along with measurements the material can then be cut to fit the design. Allow a little extra room for sewing or any mistakes that may be made. Sew the material together based on the design. This includes the flooring and special features. Be sure to keep safety in mind. A needle can be used. Be sure to remove all pins once sewing is completed. Once the sewing is completed put the air blower in the appropriate spot and see how the house works. There are templates that are available on the internet to help with plans for construction. These templates can also be used for design and ideas. If the air blower is not inflating the bounce house a more powerful one should be used. Some houses may need additional air blowers to stay inflated.

Even with the costs of these materials making a bounce house will be much less expensive then purchasing or renting one of these houses. It also allows for some great custom features that will be fun for all.

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